1968 Craig Breedlove AMX 600 Aerodynamx "Aero Phantom"

 In 1968, after the AMX was brought to market, Craig Breedlove and automotive stylist Bill Moore developed this custom fiberglass kit for the AMX using stock fenders. The kit consisted of a custom hood with NASA ducts, front nose with under wrapping partial belly pan back to the cross member and rear roof spoiler. Target price was $700 and Motor Trend used a drawing of the car as the cover art for the December 1968 issue.

Craig raced his Breedlove 600 at Bonneville (176 mph) with sponsorship from Halibrand and Cyclone headers.

The engine builder for the car was Bruce Nottingham of Lakeside, California.

Craig Breedlove’s car was purchased in the 1970’s by Dennis Allen, son of Dick Allen Motors. Dennis still owns the car today.


Dennis has the original fiberglass insert buckets for the headlights. Notice the rear differential has plugs where the gear oil cooler used to connect for Breedlove's high speed runs at Bonneville.

Windows Media Video interview with Dennis Allen at the So Cal AMX - All AMC Show, Pamona, California May 22, 2010.

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There were three SS/AMX's delivered to Dick Allen Motors of Inglewood, California. One SS/AMX ended up in Lakeside in San Diego County and was raced at Carlsbad Raceway ¼ mile drag strip by Bruce Nottingham.


Since Bruce was building engines for Carig Breedlove, he modified his new SS/AMX with the Breedlove 600 body kit, sometimes referred to as the "Aero Phantom”. These are the only two cars known to have this kit. Unfortunately the molds were left next to a garbage dumpster at the shop and were mistakenly taken by the trash collector many years ago.

The first paint job on this SS/AMX was a wild multi colored fade paint job called "Trippin the Lights Fantastic", this expression has mixed origins, some of which can be traced back to Shakespear's "The Tempest", basically it means "dancing".

The car was campaigned throughout southern California and made quite an impression. Engine builder Richard Conley remembers seeing the car run at Carlsbad and how well it did, it was making quite a reputation for AMC.

In 1973 the car was repainted black and white, with bubble gum style police lights on top, different wheels and was renamed “The Sheriff of Nottingham”, it ran a best of 10.40 at 128 MPH in the quarter mile.


Bruce Nottingham and his brother worked at an automotive parts shop in Santee, CA, which was managed by Tom Buckle.

Tom recalls that Bruce and his brother were really wild and full of mischief, often involving the police.

The last time the car went down the track was 1976, Bruce Nottingham, the original owner has passed on.

sheriff of nottingham

Nathan Lobban is the new owner of this car and has shared some of the old pictures he received from the original owner.

The car retains the black and white "Sheriff" paint job and has a running 304 V-8.

Pictures, video and research by Bruce Nottingham, Aaron Nottingham, Nathan Lobban, Scott Schwallers, Dennis Allen, Terry Loveliest, Tom Dulaney, Terry LaFerriere, Asif Chaudhri, Tim Klinefelter, Tom Buckle and Tim Burton.