All AMC Day

On Saturday 4-7-07 my girlfriend Tiger and I decided to leave the dogs at home and visit some of our AMC friends up north. We started the day in Upland with Tim Burton and picked up a couple of AMX hoods. Tim has been making progress on his AMX in the airplane hanger at the airport. His fiberglass hood arrived from American Performance Products, it is a nice looking piece. Tim has Nascar Cup suspension to go under the car and Dave the welder will be doing the work, including the rollcage. Dave has his shop at the same airport and is the crew chief for the big red camaro,


Next stop California Speedway, where we met up with Tie. Tie bought Ray Pinto's drag AMX and pulled the iron block engine for more power. In went a new Indy aluminum block & head monster! Tie has been working on the new combination for the last 2 years and was ready to test. Tie was able to propell this beautiful silver missle down the quarter mile in the 9 second range. When Tie got back to the pits he informed us that he felt he was now ready to turn on the nitrous!



Tie is running the Meziere electric water pump, nice touch Tie. Unfortunately we could not wait for the next pass, since we had to scoot over to...

Burbank and meet the socalamx club at Paty's restaurant. Mark Melvin was the first to show up in his gorgeous red AMX , then a new member Craig Ordelheide came roaring up in his Mad Max AMX. Craig has put a lot of time into this AMX to make it track worthy, lots of high performance upgrades here. 401 with a Doug Nash 5 speed, and a set of beautiful black Bassett wheels finishes off the Mad Max look nicely. Unfortunatly the passenger seat was not bolted in yet or I could have gone for a ride. Nice car Craig!

Roman Gora, who is a club regular, brought his BBO 390 Javelin, Roman has owned 3 BBO 390 Javelins in his life. I always enjoy seeing the mod pack in orange. The four of us had a good time and the guys were very patient, letting me ramble on about all the AMC's I had at home, even though we showed up in a 1995 Jeep.


Tiger and I were getting tired and so we headed home to check on our 2 puppies Suzette and Max. Thanks everyone for a great AMC day!