In 1996, Tom Dulaney produced a half hour motorsports television show called "Motorhead", from July to December. A new episode was produced each month and ran every Saturday night during the month at 10:30 pm through out San Diego County on Cox Cable's leased access channel 75. This same year Cox 4 San Diego and the Speedvision Channel began. Motorhead reran on Daniel's Cablevision and Saddleback College Education Channel. Motorhead was shot on Hi-8 video tape and edited on a Sony linear machine with graphics from an Amiga, Video Toaster. Additional editing and graphics took place at Control Room Productions in Solana Beach, with the guidance of Ken Gladstone and Adrian.



Episode 1, July 1996 - Roger Hayes 1966 Nova, Cajon Speedway, Carlsbad Raceway and Cycle Scene (Kennedy)

Episode 2, August 1996- Bubba Motorcycle Jump, Rapps Racing, Carlsbad Raceway and Cajon Speedway

Episode 3, September 1996 - Carlsbad Raceway, Cajon Speedway, Robert /Bel Air and Cycle Scene (museum)

Episode 4, October 1996 - Carlsbad Raceway, Wavecrest and Cajon Speedway

Episode 5, November 1996 - Willowsprings, Cajon Speedway, Carlsbad Raceway and Cycle Scene (Del Mar)

Episode 6, December 1996 - Carlsbad Raceway, Dwarf Car Factory and Yuma Speedway

Special thanks to Bill Daniels (RIP), Bill Geppert, Ron Rieken, James Kuenzi, Ken Gladstone, Ken Dewoody, Kimberly Ray, Kelly Halley, Jim and Dana Rizzo, Greg Bruno, Roger Hayes, Shawn Diamond, Chris Pollock, Richard Conley, Adam Buchanan (RIP), Scott Sommers, Dean Kinch, Dean Kuhn, Dr William Hendricks, Richard Fox, Garth Wilson, all the racers and track staff.

Motorhead Commercials

Funding for Motorhead came from the sale and production of thirty second commercials for several companies. Thanks to our sponsors.

Auto-Radio Specialists - Cajon Speedway - Carlsbad Raceway - Richard's Tire - Auto Swap - Wilson's

Oceanside Transmission - Batteries Plus - Precise 1 - Precise 2

Richard Conley - Escondido Paint and Body 1 - Escondido Paint and Body 2

Recycler - Road Rules - Harper's - Giant Pizza - Virtual World - Simply Internet