These are the new Meziere Electric Water Pumps for AMC V-8's (290-401). The Meziere family has been producing quality high performance components for three generations. These Meziere electric water pumps are the best in the industry.

The 100 series pump mounts directly to a backing plate on the timing cover and delivers 35 gallons per minute flow, 9 psi static pressure, and a 2,000 hour seal life expectancy. These lightweight billet aluminum pumps gain back power loss caused by heavy stock pumps. This pump is designed primarily for drag racing, but flows enough coolant for most street cars.

The 300 Series Remote pump flows 55GPM for high performance street cars that would like more gallons per minute of coolant flow. (2) 12AN fittings on the backing plate run steel braided lines to the remote pump mounted with 2 bolts to a tab (included) that you weld to the inner fenderwell, low and near the lower radiator hose on the drivers side. Or if you have a front engine mounting plate, that's a good spot for mounting as well.

Both of these Meziere Electric Water Pumps use the WP127 backing plate and have no provision for the small bypass hose that normally runs from the water pump to the thermostat housing-water neck on the intake manifold.

Click here to learn more about the Bypass Hose.

Also, the alternator bracket has to be relocated to bolt onto the head instead of the timing cover.

Click here to learn more about the Brackets.

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