Trailer Park Trash Presents


In this first test episode Dan buys a car.


Son, we gonna have to get another car like that squidbillies feller. But first you

have to slowly take your hands out of your pants with no pockets and wash them.


Hey Wolly, where can I get a good used car?


Try the Milfords.


I hear you folks have a car to sell.


How much?


This Nash seats five, or six if you count momma

who is pregnant with uncle Billy's baby. Well you

can have it for $1,500, but it smells like fried chicken.


It's mine now. Hey, isn't this the car Eddie Stakes had on e-Bay?


Uncle Walt ate a one pound burrito but we ain't

worried as this Rambler has Flo-Thru Ventilation.

Here is the link to the company that makes the characters.