Fred Phillips of Canada owns the Vignale AMX/1 prototype that runs and drives. This car used to be blue but was changed to white before he bought the car. He also ownes the AMX/2 pushmobile and other rare AMC's.

AMC enthusiast Rory Beane has gently freshened the car, so that it is once again functional. See the video here.

Dom Jairdine was a mechanic at the AMC Kenosha factory for 15 years and still owns this 1966 Italian prototype AMX that uses a Rambler American chassis with Ambassador running gear.

The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Ohio has a 1966 Vignale AMX Prototype

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Darryl A. Salisbury (AMO President) and his wife Seon own this 1968 Jeffords AMX-R Prototype 390 4-speed. This AMX sits 2 inches lower and has a fiberglasss hood.