AMX/1 and AMX/2

Here is the story and pictures of each AMX/3 car by car. People number them differently, even the owners. Numbering of cars 0, 1, 3 and 6 are undesputed. Numbering of cars 2, 4 and 5 I have in the same order as described by Rod Dotten.



Thanks to Rod Dotten for sharing some vintage AMX/3 parts he has had since the days when he worked on several of the cars for Dick Teague. The bellhousing is to mate the 390 to the OTO Malara transaxle, the oil pan was one of 10 specially made for the AMX/3's by Mark Donohue, since there was no steering linkage under the engine, the oil pan could be more of a rectangular shape without the step, and hold more oil. Unfortunately this oil pan hit a pot hole due to the AMX/3's low clearance. Perhaps we should reproduce these as well?

AMC was trying to save money by using as many production parts from the rest of their line as possible. There are many similarities to a 1970 AMX such as steering column, steering box, front suspension, heater-A/C controls, door latches and window cranks. And the easiest part of an AMX/3 to recreate is the engine.

Here is a link to a Wikipedia article on AMC.

Many thanks to the following people who cave contributed so much to this website and the further development of the AMX/3. Jim Jensen, Jeff Teague, Bob Nixon, Keith Goodnough, Rod Dotten , Jack Pennington, Bernie Carl, Steve Glassburn, Mr. Kirtland, George R. Doughtie Jr. , Scotty Dawkins, Darrly Salisbury, Chris Zinn, Mike Spangler, Peter Ellegeest, Tom Garr, Steve Dreyer, Tim Klinefelter, Doug Noel, Jeff Kennedy, Doug Galvin, P.O. Wallin, Wayne Davis, Aaron Davis, Jeff Lee, Dan (HMX), Mark Henderson, Allan Haapakoski, Ian Webb, Dan Strohl, Terry Gale and Roger, John Rosa, Eddie Stakes, Mark Melvin, Tim Burton, Henry Gonzales, Greg Bruno, Shawn Diamond, Steve Ridge, Steve Kraft, Don Durban, Eric Ducharme, Wasamon "Tiger" Muangngam, Jerry Sackett, Larry Meadows, Linda and Dave Adler.

Tom Dulaney

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