This is unquestionably the greatest AMX/3 ever made, this was Dick Teague's personal car.

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VIN A0M397X631524Y, it reads as a 1970 Manual (4 speed) 390 AMX.

This car started out silver-blue and was repainted red. Here is an early picture of it next to a Pantera in Michigan. Jeff Teague is on the far left in dark clothes and his brother Dick Jr. is in blue leaning over the car. The Pantera owner is the short balding man with a black beard leaning over the other side of the car. After this picture was taken the AMX/3 easily out performed the Pantera on the winding country roads.

In the 1970's, this car and the #5 car were sitting for several years outside of the AMC offices in Detroit, CEO Jerry Meyers eventually sold them to Dick Teague. Dick Teague sold the #5 car, but kept this one and continued to refine it until he passed away in 1991. The car spent the next 15 years in the San Diego Automotive Museum until Jeff Teague got it running again in 2006. It now resides in the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Thanks to Kayvan Fateh for the above picture.

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