The word "Sciabola" is Italian, and means "sword" or "saber". It was selected as our company name because Giotto Bizzarrini wanted to continue the AMX/3 in 1971 after AMC pulled out and this is what he called the car in his brochure. Sciabola Inc, has been created as a California S Corporation to further the development of the AMX/3 reproductions. Due to an investor who shares our passion for returning this design to those of us who love and admire the greatest AMC of all time, we have made progress. However, due to the economy, funding has slowed, we are lokiing for another investor to help bring the replica kits to market. If you share our passion for the AMX/3 and would like to see them on the road with AMC V-8 power as well as electric, please click on the e-mail link below.

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jeff kirtland

April 18, 2007 phone call.

"That's a really rare car you have there, it's an actual factory body, not a reproduction. Unfortunately the 2002 fire at my Mom's house destroyed a large part of my fathers library that was not donated to the San Diego Automotive Museum."

Jeff Teague (Son of Richard Teague and current owner of the red #3 AMX/3)

April 17, 2007 phone call.

"Dick Teague once told me that at the beginning of the project there was a decision to be made if the cars were going to be fiberglass or steel. At the time the Corvette was fiberglass. Think of what it would do for our hobby to reproduce the AMX/3's, like the continuation series Carroll Shelby made."

George Doughtie (former owner of the yellow AMX/3)

April 30, 2007 Phone call.

"I think there would be a lot of people who would love to drive one of these around. I sure enjoy driving mine, I put 400 miles on it the week we were at Pebble Beach".

Mr. Kirtland (current owner of the red-orange AMX/3)

Here are some suggestions for various parts and systems of the reproduction AMX/3.

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Steve Stanford drew this concept AMX/3 in the July 2005 issue of Kit Car magazine.

This is a group effort, so feel free join the Forum discussions or e-mail me with any new ideas.


Click here for Jeff Teague's AMX/4

History of the AMX 1, 2 and 3