The 6 Bizzarrini steel body AMX/3's used 4-wheel power ATE disc brakes (hydraulic assist from the power steering pump). ATE brakes are still available as a product line owned by Continental Teves. This German company makes brakes for many european cars like Mercedas-Benz and BMW.

Performance and design out of this world
Highest braking power, excellent braking in the wet, and constant deceleration over the entire temperature range: with the High Performance Brake Kit, ATE makes sophisticated racing technology experienceable to every driver with sporting ambitions.
The High Performance Brake Kit combines the innovative PowerDisc with a four-piston fixed caliper and trailing pads: friction ring and black hub are connected with each other by a floating bolt-sleeve attachment. This connecting technique, successfully tested in motor sports, permits the stress-free expansion of the friction ring under the influence of heat. On the one hand, this increases the durability of the PowerDisc and prevents brake disc distortion; on the other hand, it increases driving comfort under high stress. The PowerDisc itself with its endless multifunctional groove provides for radically improved braking performance in all areas.
Unique in the world: fixed calipers with trailing pads
The four-piston fixed calipers of the High Performance Brake Kit, supplied with prefitted pads, are made of a high-strength aluminum alloy with a hard-coated and painted surface. The brake pads are a trailing design, unlike the leading pads of conventional fixed calipers. Continental Teves is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer fixed calipers with trailing pads.
The new friction material and pad design show constant friction properties over the entire temperature range, to more than 700 °C, sufficient even for the demands of motor sports. "Plug and play" wear sensors resistant to high temperatures indicate when the wear limits have been reached.
An eye-catching brake
In addition to its technical particulars, this high performance brake features a design which enhances the appearance of any vehicle. The "Racing Red" of the calipers shimmers through the rims making racing technology a visual experience. Even the multifunctional groove of the PowerDisc turns heads: this brake simply stops you in your tracks.
The advantages of the High Performance Brake Kit at a glance:

Instead of standard brake hoses we use flexible steel brake hoses. They prevent elasticity and thus provide for an improved, more definite pedal pressure point and consequently more precise brake power metering. The High Performance Brake Kit is suitable for cars with ABS and at least 17" rims and is supplied as a complete set in one package:


There is a wide variety of aftermarket brakes available.