Stewart Warner gauges were used in the dash of the AMX/3 and they are still available. stewartwarner.com

Part Number: 550BP-D Speed, Mech, DLX, 0-160MPH, 3-3/8", Odo

Part Number: 82162B Tach, Elec, Gas/Ign, DLX, 6000RPM, 3-3/8", 4 6 8 Cyl, Mrn

Part Number: 82322 Ga, Press, Oil, Mech, DLX, 5-80psi, 2-1/16"

Part Number: 82326-144 Ga, Press, Water, Mech, DLX, 100-265F, 2-1/16", 144" Tube

Deluxe™ Instruments
One of the most recognizable instruments in the business. Deluxe™ established the industry standard more than 40 years ago. Easy to read white graphics on a black dial with a white pointer, low profile stainless steel trim ring(bezel) and perimeter lighting. Sizes: 3-3/8", 2-5/8" and 2-1/16". Also see our large instrument section for matching 5" tachometers, speedometers and 4-gauge clusters.

(They also make a Tach that goes to 8,000 RPMS if you would like to upgrade. )

Does the heater-A/C control panel look familiar? How about the knobs for the lights, wipers, brake pedal, AM/FM radio, inner door handle and window crank?