Transmission (transaxle)


The original Italian ATA Melara Tipo 4MXPD 4 speed transaxle had the following gears 2.27 / 1.6 / 1.2 / .8 a 2 reverse, with a final drive ratio of 3.45 and a dry single plate clutch.

Only 31 of these transmissions were made, 6 are with AMX/3's and I have 1, so there are only 24 others floating around out there somewhere. We should find an alternative transmission for our Tribute cars.

Mendeola has developed a New 5 speed Steet V-8 Gearbox!


This transmission offers either linkage, cable or electronic (paddle) shifting.

Mike Mendeola, Ian, Victor and Keith were kind enough to lend us one of the first prototype SDR cases for our chassis build with Dave Ward. A special bell housing is being developed that will allow the AMC V-8 to bolt directly to it without an adapter.

The Mendeola factory is impressive. I am making their new TV commercial, so eventually there will be video about the company and products on this site.


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