The Italians sent this one over with some round Fiat tail lights that Richard "Dick" Teague did not like. So Dick took some Firebird tail lights (don't tell your Pontiac friends) turned them upsidown and made a new, one of a kind, tail lens panel for the car. This car was origionally silver, Dick wanted to see what one of the cars would look like black, so Jack Pennington painted the car. Once Dick saw it black, he said it hid all the body lines, "let's paint it yellow". Dick bought the car from AMC in 1978 and sold it to George Doughtie Jr., who sold it to Pat Ryan's Prisma collection. During this time the car was advertised in Hemmings for $225,000, it is now owned by Bernie Carl the investment banker. See the video with Bernie talking about the car, (CLICK HERE and then click on the yellow AMX/3 picture to start the video). Bernie added a front spoiler which really helped the car at high speed. The hood on this one has a scoop and there are gas filler doors on both sides. Yellow would have been the fourth Big Bad color if Teague would have had his way. This AMX/3 was recently restored at Autosport Designs, Inc. in Huntington Station , New York and has reappeared at the 2008 Goodwood Festival in England. Thanks to Lasse "Nappe1" Karkkainen, who was visiting Goodwood from Finland,RC Cars for these recent shots. Also big thanks to David Briggs for his picture and report from the same event.


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Interested in building your own AMX/3?