The #6 AMX/3 was the first car in the second set of 5 cars being made by Giotto Bizzarrini in Turin, Italy. Bizzarrini called the project "Sciabola" (sword), and this #6 car was the furthest along when AMC ordered the program to end and it was completed Italian style with round tail lights and is currently owned by Giotto Bizzarrini's business partner Salvator Diamonte. The car is longer than the others by several inches due to an extended rear panel. The other 4 incomplete shells were to have been cut up along with the molds.

Notice on these last 2 old pictures (the license plate reads "Prova" which means 'test drive') there are some differences to the car above. The cars have different air intakes and there are extra ducts on the "Prova". One has tan interior and the other looks black. The tail lens panel on the old "Prova" pictures has 2 lights on each side, while the upper, more recent pictures shows 3 tail lights on each side. Were the tail lights changed? Or could there be a 7th car? Special thanks to Peter Ellegeest in Belgium for the pictures and info.

When AMC decided to end the program they ordered the cars and the molds to be destoryed. I imagine the phone conversation went something like this between Dick Teague and Giotto Bizzarrini.

Dick "Giotto, I am sorry but the bean counters here in Detroit say we are out of money and have to end the program."

Giotto "Signore Dick, is good to hear from you, the cars, we are working on the cars."

Dick "Don't send us any more cars, the AMX/3's that you have there, you know the next 5 cars, our accountants say that in order to get the tax write off, they must be DESTROYED in Italy, I want you to DESTROY the cars."

Giotto "Si, Grazie, yes, we will, thank you Dick ".

Dick "I am sorry Giotto, it was a good idea but it just isn't going to work out, chaio."

Hangs up phone.

Giotto calls the workers together "Senior Dick says American Motors wants to end the program and we should ENJOY the last 5 cars."

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