AMX/2 Pushmobile

The AMX/2 pushmobile was owned by Norm Kurtz of Twin Pines Auto Sales in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, where is was displayed on a pole as an advertising gimmick. Norm had a fake engine with 7 spark plugs attached to the bottom of the car. Eventually the car was brought down and restored by Pat Ryan (Prisma Collection), and then sold to Steven Juliano.

April 26, 2007 E-mail

"Hi tom....nice site you have..The AMX/2 I bought from Pat Ryan I sold many years ago. With a bright light and good eyes you could see the inside of the AMX/2, it was a raw flat fiberglass surface with half of a fake steering wheel."

The AMX/2 pushmobile is currently owned by Fred Phillips in Canada also owns the Vignale AMX/1 prototype, SS/AMX, SC/Rambler-low miles and the James Garner Baja SC/Rambler 4 wheel drive.

May 23, 2007 Phone Call

"I bought the AMX/2 pushmobile from my friend Steven Juliano, it is made out of Dow Corning fiberglasss and inside it has 2 fake headrests. The pictures of the car in the wood garage are at Eddie Meyers house in Indiana."