When the first steel AMX/3 arrived in Michigan from Bizzarrini in Italy, Dick Teague was upset that some pieces had been taken off the car, various parts were missing. This first AMX/3 did run and drive even though there were some problems with body dimensions due to improper conversion from standard to metric calculations. This car has clocked about 30,000 miles in it's life, from the looks of the brake pads. Scotty Dawkins was a friend of Dick Teague's and bought the car in the early 1970's, Scotty still owns the car today in Michigan. This car did spend several years at the Gilmore museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan, but has since been brought home. I spoke with Mr. Dawkins on June 15, 2007 and he told me that the car was originally green and Dick Teague had the car painted bright yellow in 1973, which was the same year Dick Teague had the yellow pushmobile Zero (0) painted green. Scotty also spent some time driving the red #3 car, one day driving through a residential neighborhood at about 35 mph he hit a bump that broke the oil pan, this is the oil pan I have, see pictures on the history page. The cost of this first car is estimated at about one million dollars to produce, by the time the program was ended the total cost of the 5 AMX/3's imported into the USA was about 2 million dollars.

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